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Entry Requirements

To learn Autocad, you will need to develop computer skills. You will also need some software skills.

Course Structure

Module I- Engineering Drawing Module II- Computer Fundamentals
Construction of plane figures Introduction
Construction of complex geometrical figures –
Construction of Curves and Helix Computer Hardware and Software Concepts
Principles of Projections Introduction of Personal Computer and Operating Systems WINDOWS-XP, Windows-7
Projections of Straight Lines and Solids File Management
Section of Solids –
Mechanical Parts Drawing –
Module III- Auto CAD using Drawing Module IV- Isometric Drawing
Setting up a drawing starting from scratch Lines, Ray, Construction Line
Drawing using a Wizard Multiline and polylines
Using and creating a template file Rectangles Opening an existing drawing Arc, Circle and Ellipse
Screen layout Polygon, Spline
Pull-down menus Co-ordinate input methods (directive, absolute, relative and polar)
Screen icons Starting a New Drawing/Opening an existing drawing
Command line Drawing Commands
status bar Hatching Command Text (multi-line & single line ) and Formatting Text Styles
Dialogue boxes View Commands & Drawing Settings and Aids
Drawing Commands Modify Command – 1) Hatching 2) Text (multi-line & single line ) and Formatting Text Styles
Drawing Settings and Aids Dimension Command Formatting Dimension Style and Multi-leader Style
Saving and Plotting –
Module V Module VI
Individual Project Team Projec


People looking to do an Autocad course should study through the online portal. Our respected teachers will teach you. For the course, you will be given a tutor. The tutor will teach you through different platforms, like phone calls, video calls and telephone conversations. The tutor will also provide you important reading material. Once the tutor has taught you everything, you need to excel in the exams.


1. It Increase in the productivity of the designer
2. It helps you to develop 3D Modelling
3. It will help you to Improve the quality of the design
4. It will help you to creating documentation of the designing
5. An autocad course with also help you in creating the database for manufacturing
6. It will also help you to save the design data and drawings
7. An autocad course will also improve your overall speed
8. It will also improve your accuracy

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There are several advantages as to why you should take online courses. Some major reasons to join the online courses are mentioned below:

1. One of the main reasons to join Publak Institute is that they offer several options for the students.
2. Online institutes like Publak Institute are an affordable option for students in comparison to the traditional colleges.
3. Publak institute offers a great learning environment for the students. Students just need to listen to messages and send them electronically.
4. The online courses provide students with opportunity to plan their courses. They provide convenience to the students and they can plan ahead of time.
5. Online institutions, like Publak Institute, offer students the opportunity to work on different jobs and raise their family at the same time.
6. During thunderstorms, students become vulnerable and they may need to cancel their classes. However, online institutes have no such limitations and they can go on in any conditions.
7. The most basic courses require the students to develop new skills. Thus, the online classes improve the technical skills of individuals.
8. A major advantage of joining Publak Institute is that students can pursue their own interests while doing full-time study.
9. Publak Institute makes a person quite responsible as he is able to take the education in his own hands. Thus, it is quite empowering.
10. A major advantage of joining Public Institute is that you will be quite well-supported by several other students.

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