Admission Requirements

Admission Process:

The process of getting admission in Publak Institute is quite simple and easy. Let’s review each step one by one:
1) Like everywhere else in life, firstly, you need to make a firm decision to join the Institute.
2) You can either contact us or you can apply online.
3) You also need to have several accessories, like internet and laptop
4) Once you have all the accessories, you need to pay the fees to get yourself enrolled in the online classes.
5) You also need to pass the basic interview. It would either be on phone or one-on-one conversation.
6) Once you pass the interview, you will get the complete details of the courses.
7) After that, there will be a general test, followed by a final exam afterwards.
8) You will also receive an award certificate or a certificate of appreciation after passing the test.

Required Documents

• Picture
• CNIC Copy
• Passport Copy
• Certificate

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