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This Business Management and Training certification is synonymous to the Business Administration course. The dynamic nature of today’s organizations means both rewards and challenges for individuals who will be managing those organizations.  This course prepares students with a comprehensive explanation to management principles and practices. It provides students with an introduction to contemporary management concepts and skills. It also encourages students to apply these concepts and skills into practice. Through the course, students are expected to improve their understandings of management and skills to manage their study, their work, and personal lives.

Entry Requirements

To get a business-related certification, you would require a minimum of two A-levels with three A-levels.

Benefits of Getting a Digital Marketing Certificate

It increases brand awareness.

You will get more inbound traffic.

You will have better Search Engine Rankings.

You will have higher conversion rates and better customer satisfaction.

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Procedure of Digital Media Marketing Certificate

Here is the procedure of getting a digital media marketing certificate:

If you have the skills, you will pass the exam easily. You will need to give the exam over the phone. Your exam will be conducted on WhatsApp, Skype or Phone. You will need around 70% marks to pass the test.

Course Structure

  1. Introduction to Management
  2. Management and Organizations
  3. Management History
  4. Understanding Management’s Context: Constraints and Challenges
  5. Business management qualification
  6. Business management certification
  7. Integrative Managerial Issues
  8. Managing in a Global Environment
  9. Managing Diversity
  10. Managing Social Responsibility and Ethics
  11. Managing Change and Innovation
  12. Planning
  13. Managers as Decision Makers
  14. Foundations of Planning
  15. Chapter 9 Strategic Management
  16. Planning Tools and Techniques
  17. Organizing
  18. Basic Organizational Design
  19. Adaptive Organizational Design
  20. Managing Human Resources
  21. Managing Your Career
  22. Managing Teams
  23. Leading
  24. Understanding Individual Behaviour
  25. Managers and Communication
  26. Motivating Employees
  27. Managers as Leaders
  28. Controlling
  29. Introduction to Controlling
  30. Managing Operations
  31. Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures

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