Business Planning and Development

Business Planning and development Certification

A business planning and development certification introduces a pragmatic and process-based approach to developing and implementing business plans. The course offers participants the tools to transform ideas into strategic goals and to outline the operational and financial strategies needed to achieve these goals. The course expands on how to use the business plan as a communication, negotiation and persuasion tool. This is critical when collaborating across different aspects of the business plan is required.

A well written business plan should provide decision makers with enough insights to assist them in deciding the viability and feasibility of new ideas, strategies and initiatives. This course is designed with this key objective in mind.

Entry Requirements

To get a business planning and development certification, you would require an A-level or an equivalent certification.

Course Structure

  1. Introduction to business planning
    • Purpose of business planning
    • The hierarchy of strategies
    • Overview of functional strategies
    • The business planning model and the structure of the business plan
    • Relating the business plan to the needs of its audience
  2. Tools, techniques and target-setting
    • Forecasting volumes, target-setting and developing the budget
    • Break-even analysis and contingency planning
    • Pricing for profit
  3. Uncertainty and risk
    • Cause and effect analysis, multiple cause analysis
    • Data and logic models for handling uncertainty
    • Risk management, what if analysis, developing scenarios and simulation models
  4. Decision-making and problem-solving
    • Rational and non-rational decision-making
    • Structured problem-solving
    • Novelty, complexity and ambiguity
    • Phases in problem-solving
  5. Integrative case study
  6. Review
    • Case study review
    • Course review
    • Actions
    • Close


People looking to get a strategic planning and development certification should study through the online portal. Our respected teachers will teach you. For the course, you will be given a tutor. The tutor will teach you through different platforms, like phone calls, video calls and telephone conversations. The tutor will also provide you important reading material. Once the tutor has taught you everything, you will need to excel in the exams.


The top benefits of a business planning and development certification are:
This certification will give you a good introduction to the Realities of Business.
It will make you an effective team player.
It will make you a more Effective Team Player
It will help you manage people effectively.
You will also get a competitive edge.
It will offer you a variety of choices.

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