Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does the online education in Publak Institute work?

Ans. Online education in Publak Institute works the same way as traditional classrooms. The only difference is that it happens in the online world and the students don’t have to travel to the classes.

Q. How long does it take to complete a course from Publak Institute?

Ans. The duration of a course mainly depends upon the course. The course takes anywhere between 10 hours to 30 hours.

Q. How do students interact in Publak institute online classes?

Ans. Students in Publak Institute interact with each other through social media, discussion forums, email and telephone. 

Q. What is the fee structure of a degree from Publak Institute?

Ans. Here is the complete fee structure of getting a degree from Publak Institute:

  1. Tuition Fee 49$. (Teaching and exam preparation)
  2. Certificate. 19 $ (Exam + Certificate + Appreciation Certificate)
  3. Diploma 35$.(Exam + Thesis Guidance + Diploma + Appreciation Certificate)
  4. Advanced Diploma 49$. (Practical Training+ Exam + Advanced Diploma + Appreciation Certificate)

Q. What are the payment options in Publak Institute classes?

Ans. The top payment options are cash in hand, by exchange, by card and account deposit.

Q. What are the pros and cons of getting a degree from Publak Institute?

Ans. The main pros of a degree from Publak Institute are flexible learning environment, opportunities for students of all ages, flexible scheduling, diversity and access. On the other hand, the main cons are bad reputation, lack of 1-on-1 teaching, fewer courses teaching and less face to face interactions.

Q. Will I miss the college life while getting a degree from Publak institute?

Ans. Many students choose online classes because they can’t attend regular classes due to work or strict family schedules. You will definitely miss out on the college life but you would have to make this sacrifice if you have other obligations. 

Q. What type of programs does Publak Institute offer?

Public Institute offers several courses, which are:

  1. Business Management and Administration
  2. Practical Business Operations
  3. Business Growth and Leadership
  4. Business Branding and merchandizing
  5. Media and Journalism
  6. Social Media Training
  7. YouTube training
  8. Sales and Marketing
  9. Public Speaking
  10. Team Building and Management
  11. Digital Marketing
  12. Digital literacy
  13. WordPress
  14. Graphic Designing
  15. Search Engine Optimization
  16. Content writing
  17. Freelancing
  18. E-commerce
  19. A to Z Video Productions
  20. English Language
  21. Quick Books

Q. What are the typical assignments given in Publak Institute?

Ans. The typical assignments given in Publak Institute include thesis on specific topics, plan and execution tasks, and practical business tasks.

Q. Is a degree from Publak Institute really worth it?

Ans. A degree from Publak Institute is totally worth it because it gives you the same skills as a traditional degree.

Q. What do employers think about a degree from Publak Institute?

Ans. Mostly, employers accept online degrees. However, there are mixed views and the view of people vary according to the situation.

Q. What are the best online degrees?

Ans. There are several virtual universities which offer online degrees. The top online degrees include University of Florida Online, Trine University, Virtual University, Harvard University, RCSI Institute of leadership, Dubai, Swiss School of Business and Management and University of Bradford Dubai.

Q. What is the best time to start an online masters program?

Ans. The truth is that there isn’t any bad time to start an online masters program. The best time to start enrolling in an online program is when you are ready to take the next step to advance your career.

Q. Can I still work while getting a degree from Publak Institute?

Ans. Yes, you can work while getting a online degree from Publak Institute. The whole concept of getting an online degree is to work part time or full time along with it.

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