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PUBLAK Group of Companies has established itself as an International Business Group in United Arab Emirates and Pakistan. Publak International Group has posted the flags of success in many fields of businesses. The businesses included under Publak Group are News and Television especially with the name of Public News and Public TV Media, Car Rental Agency, Vehicles Buying and Selling, Real Estate, Garments and Textile, Video Production and Business Consultancy Services. The organization it includes by the name of A United Force Organization isalso being run as one of the most active NGOs in Pakistan which is working for innocent prisoners, poor patients for treatment and poor families for food. Publak Group of Companies has years of experienced staff which is providing best plan and media solution to its customers. Publak Group is providing every type of Business Solution, Web Development, Designing and Hosting, Advertising and Marketing Solution, Video Production Services, Interview Advertising, Events and Meet Ups Services. What makes Publak Group of Companies unique is its mission to help others with the best of quality and the lowest of price.

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