Journalism mass Communication

A sub-set of the mass communication field, journalism requires aspirants to gather, create, evaluate, and finally present news or other information to the audience. Unlike earlier times, the reach of this field isn’t limited to print media alone and so, today a journalist can work at firms dealing with newspapers, magazines, radio, television and even the World Wide Web.  

Aspirants can pursue a course in journalism right after their Class 12 or even consider specializing in this field at the graduation level. After pursuing a course in Journalism, one can become a journalist.

Why this Course?

The top benefits of mass communication courses include:

  • Power of Creativity is increased
  • Up-to-date with lots of applications
  • Freedom in the field
  • Maintain an excellent social life
  • Decision-making
  • Various Subjects for Study and Profession
  • In the area, no prior experience is required

Why choose Publak Institute

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