18 May 2020

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Are online Courses important or Am I Just Wasting My Time?

Personal development doesn’t lead to promotion. However, it will make you quite skilled and provide you with fresh knowledge to execute your responsibilities successfully, which will increase your overall output. Self-development, on the other hand, will also give you some satisfaction and boost your overall confidence.

Employers all over the world recognize online courses. In order to make the training valuable, it should fill the gaps which you and your supervisors had identified during the reviews. If the initiative for the course came directly from you, he will appreciate you, however, he won’t suddenly give you a promotion.

Acquiring new skills doesn’t make you productive. There are many skilled employees who aren’t able to surpass their goals.

There is false perception that when an employee acquires a certificate, the employer will promote him and review his overall salary. However, this doesn’t always happen.

Your boss can increase your role and add more responsibilities, which will eventually lead to your promotion.

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Source of Extra Income

During the current crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, several organizations are struggling to keep up their businesses. Others are having a hard time to promote their businesses, however, some of them have introduced cost cutting measures.

Thus, you shouldn’t expect to be promoted after getting an online. However, you can hope to retain your job with your current pay scale.

Learning a new skill or taking an online course will help you create a side gig. You won’t have a job all your life and this might just be your fall back plan. Moreover, if your boss doesn’t recognize your certification, your knowledge is still quite valuable and it will be useful in future.

It will definitely make you more competitive in the market. So, you should learn a new online course.

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