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YouTube Certification

YouTube has undeniably become the number one platform for hosting and sharing videos, making it an important platform to have for individuals and businesses. YouTube boom has become the biggest thing to hit the market since Google, following the popular phrase “Google it”, with it’s very own “YouTube it”.
YouTube Certification was originally designed as a platform for making it easier to share videos, and has now become the go to service for marketing anything, including individuals and products. In today’s world, it has become impertinent to have the knowledge of YouTube from how to create an account to how to conduct marketing on YouTube.

Do you want a YouTube channel to push forth your brand? Do you want to have a perfect plan? Well, then here is a course designed just for you!

We have designed a complete course to help you understand and master YouTube from scratch. A beginners course to help you turn from a newbie to master in just a few hours.

From how to sign up for a Google Account and creating your own Channel on your YouTube Account, to making content and even linking your Google Adwords account, this course includes it all and helps you understand it using a systematic approach.

In this course, you will not only learn how to create and set up your YouTube Account, but also learn how to market yourself and your channel including Keyword Optimization, Video Keywords Tags, etc.

A YouTube certification is quite beneficial. So you should definitely get a YouTube certification.

Entry Requirements

The top entry requirements for an YouTube certification are good computer knowledge and social media skills.

Course Structure

A detailed introduction to YouTube and creating a YouTube account including your own brand Channel.
Working with the YouTube Control Panel
Cover Art and Main Channel Video
How to record high-quality content and how to use a script
Learning YouTube Keyword optimization
Uploading and Adding an effective video title
Giving complete video description and tags
Working with Advanced Settings and Location Tagging
Understanding what are Closed Caption Transcript, Custom Thumbnails & Verifying YouTube Channel
Creating custom thumbnails
Linking your YouTube Channel with Adwords Account and getting Paid Traffic
Learning how to Promote your video using Social Media
How to add comments to help your channel grow
Understanding YouTube Cards, Captioning, and Branding Watermark.


People looking to do anYouTube certification should study through the online portal. Our respected teachers will teach you. For the course, you will be given a tutor. The tutor will teach you through different platforms, like phone calls, video calls and telephone conversations. The tutor will also provide you important reading material. Once the tutor has taught you everything, you will need to excel in the exams.


Here are the top reasons why you should start a YouTube course
One of the main benefits of a YouTube certification is that it will the Audience More Content
It will give you extra source of traffic.
It will help you to develop personal connections.
It is a great source of revenue.
It is a great creative outlet.
It will help you to get out of your comfort zone.

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There are several advantages as to why you should take online courses. Some major reasons to join the online courses are mentioned below:

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5. Online institutions, like Publak Institute, offer students the opportunity to work on different jobs and raise their family at the same time.
6. During thunderstorms, students become vulnerable and they may need to cancel their classes. However, online institutes have no such limitations and they can go on in any conditions.
7. The most basic courses require the students to develop new skills. Thus, the online classes improve the technical skills of individuals.
8. A major advantage of joining Publak Institute is that students can pursue their own interests while doing full-time study.
9. Publak Institute makes a person quite responsible as he is able to take the education in his own hands. Thus, it is quite empowering.
10. A major advantage of joining Public Institute is that you will be quite well-supported by several other students.

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